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Your faucet may be costing you more than you think. You know the price when you buy them, but do you know how much you'll spend in total maintenance and replacment costs over the life of the products?

According to the National Apartment Association 2009 survey of operating income and expenses, repair and maintenance costs average $442 per unit - up 14.1% from three years earliler. Plumbing is often quoted as the second largest portion of the total repair and maintenance cost. Over time these costs, and inefficient operation, add to your expense.

A third party blind research study* concluded that, on average, you'll spend 36.3% less to maintain a Cleveland Faucet Group product than competitive faucets, per living unit, per year. CFG faucets saved an average of $5.34 per living unit per year, versus the total competitive faucet average in the surveyed properties.

The proof is in the profits: CFG offers better long-term value for the multi-family market.

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CFG designs and manufactures all of our products in-house to ensure a high standard of quality and reliability. In addition, CFG products streamline the installation process and simplify maintenance. CFG faucets are, on average 20.3% faster* to install than a competitor's ceramic disc cartridge faucet.

Our cost - and time - reducing features include:

  • Optional quick-install flexible supply lines reduces the total number of connection made onsite
  • No tools are required Hydrolock quick-connect technology makes for easier, faster, leak-free installation
  • Neoprene gaskets on the bottom of the deckplate take the place of plumber's putty to prevent leaks
  • Innovative preinstalled shower valve connections reduces installation time and save money


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* 2008 blind research study commissioned by CFG by the independent Rabin Research Company.



Find a local manufacturer sales rep who can go over a custom calculation for your business and provide you with a free whitepaper with the details of the research study.


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